Cochrane Looks A Lot Different Now Than It Did Eight Years Ago!

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Tel discuté voici l'avis qui POURRAIT paraître avant le texte anglais. L'écriture pourrait aussi être plus petit mais bien visible.


Former Matheson Mayor Mike Milinkovich

I have been working for years with Peter Politis as Mayors in Cochrane District. Peter has been the most vocal, action orientated and astute Mayor in all of the 12 municipalities in Cochrane District. With his dynamic leadership qualities, he was one of the key mayors in our fight to reverse the decision to divest the Ontario Northland Railroad; he was the key spokesperson to fight the impact of the Endangered Species Act and Woodland Caribou protection legislation that would have further decimated the forest industry in our region; he was the most ardent spokesperson and critic on behalf of us in the north fighting to reinstate the spring bear hunt; he championed the cause to reduce the extremely high and unfair costs of Ontario Provincial Police to Ontario municipalities, in fact he became chair of the 160+ municipalities that joined together to lobby against the OPP costs and many more items that concerned him because they seriously affected the livelihood, quality of life and health and welfare of the citizens of Northeastern Ontario. Peter Politis is a fantastic communicator both verbally and with the written word; he has tremendous charisma, he is passionate in what he believes in and he believes in the North, he is innovative and creative ...

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