About Peter


Peter has been directly responsible for and managed budgets valuing over $65 million.  He’s written several business plans from small business to multi million dollar manufacturing facilities.  He’s proven, established and provides a multitude of employee training programs, including executive board training, council training, and integrity commissioner services.

His own training spans several key business and government disciplines at some of the most prestigious and recognizable institutions, including the Harvard School of Business and The Karass Institution for advanced negotiating.

Driven & Accomplished

Peter has managed senior and executive roles in the private and public sectors, as well as running a successful consultancy specializing in strategic business development and negotiations.  He owns and operates several other private business centers, while operating his consultancy and being an active civic leader.

As Mayor, Peter has led some of the most impactful initiatives for Cochrane and region including leading Cochrane through an unprecedented social development renaissance while maintaining some of the lowest taxes in the region.

Peter has over seen some of the most progressive and innovative changes implemented in municipal government. He’s introduced modern thinking and what many would call radical change in an institution with an historically entrenched culture, typically adverse to change.

Everywhere he’s been, he has developed a reputation for being a dynamic, out of the box thinker, who has a flare for finding solutions in situations previously thought to have none.

Grass Roots & Genuine

Peter is a dedicated family man whose family values are founded on wife, children and the virtues of honour and faith.  He is an avid outdoorsman and proud northerner who is passionate about what he refers to as, “the greatest way of life in the best backyard on the planet!”

His political career has seen him  elevate northern rights to become front and center in any political discussion about the region.  He’s played key, leading roles in positivley changing historically difficult provincial policy, such as the reintroduction of the spring bear hunt and reforming policing costs.

Peter’s leads with firm, steady hands on the wheel of progress, while remaining collaborative, open minded and accessible to everyone.  He has a unique combination of passion for our way of life and competency in  modern, progressive business management. He is a big thinker who doesn’t see us as small but capable; who not only recognizes the need for a strong economy, but the need to be able to celebrate who we are and be happy about where we live.

Peter is a new kind of municipal leader who brings a new progressive and modern thinking to an old, tired and worn out culture of mediocrity.  He is the right leader at the right time!